Bond of pet mother and pup

By | May 1, 2013

Once the mother is eating her lunch of commercial Pet food manufacturer dog food, it is advisable for those young puppies to remain with her. If by this time the young puppies already are walking and fully in command of the senses, they’ll smell the dry food and become attracted to it. It takes only one puppy to result in the wrong move of having too near his mother’s food with the aim of eating it.

Mom will growl after which bite the problem pup, fairly simple obviously, but simply enough to train it a lesson in dog manners and pack leader. Obviously, the pup cannot simply help it to if the extrusion-processed private-label commercial dog food is way too scrumptious to its nose, but this is an important lesson for those puppies to learn. All the puppies will become familiar with about this too, the puppies who only observed it. Your pet owner might not interfere though he or she must prepare yourself to bandage the cut, if there is one. He might be assured that no pup is ever going to try it again.

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